Daily Crossword is the best way to play crossword puzzles from popular sites right on your iPad. This challenging game will keep wordsmiths hooked with their favorite puzzle publisher and support for retrieving archived puzzles. This application uses various sources of free .puz files and presents puzzles in an excellent, user-friendly format.

Usage: Puzzle Tab
  • How can I see across and down clues?
    Just click one of the white boxes and check related textbox
    You can also listen clues with our unique Text2Speech feature.
    You can chance direction of selection with second click to the selected box.
    Or click or buttons for full list.

  • How can I write to puzzle?
    Initially you should see virtual keyboard at the right-top.
    Keyboard panel can be dragged or closed.
    Sometimes it is required to select boxes under keyboard.
    You can click anytime button to show keyboard.

  • How can I check the results?
    You can click anytime button to check results.

  • If I do not have time, can I save my puzzles?
    Yes,click button to save your puzzle.
    Then you can check records tab to see your saved puzzles.

  • Can I disable or re-enable Text2Speech feature?
    Of course, click button to disable or to re-enable.

Usage: Info Tab
  • You can find detail and statistic informations of current puzzle at this tab.
  • Statistic form shows elapsed time, finishing percent, and total error.

Usage: Load Tab
  • At this tab, you can load new puzzles from various publishers with selecting suitable dates.
  • To see other publishers you should swip left/right on this tab

Usage: Records Tab
  • At this tab, you can delete or open your saved puzzles.
  • We are using your local storage to save puzzles!
    Click button to open or to delete your puzzle.

Usage: Config Tab
  • At this tab, you can sort puzzle publishers to configure your startup puzzle.
  • This sorting also effects order of publishers in Load panel for next session.
    You should drag and drop to sort publishers.

v2.0 • Released by Cahit Gürgüc & Hicran Korkmaz